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Pretty chill. I have a pretty "all around" sort of attitude about things. Guess I needed a way to express myself, here goes nothin!

I went with Alice In Chains haha

I listened to KRS-One and LL all day…think Nirvana or Soundgarden for tonight…

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The Aristocratic Assasin! He is very beautiful and is often mistaken for a fragile noble. Lord of the western lands. Sesshomaru has an amazingly cold disposition, he never shows emotion (except anger). Sesshomaru is a very vengeful individual and shows no mercy to those who stand against him. Once Sesshomaru has made up his mind to kill an individual then there is usually only a chance of survival if the individual is very  powerful.

“”I seek nothing more than to battle the most powerful beings alive which excludes the lowly likes of you”“

I REALLY LOVE FEUDAL ERA!!! Kinda obsessed in Japanese Manga ;) Actually, he’s one of my favorite character!!! He’s quite MANLY :”> and HE is a man of few words, but when he does talk. It can be rather amusing or downright mean. Depending on how you look at it :)))))

Me and my baby <3

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Me and my baby <3


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ok what the actual fuck..

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ok what the actual fuck..


I’m sitting here just watching my girlfriend in all her glory. She has the most beautiful skin (hickies included lol). Her hair is an extension of herself, all her pride. My hands are like the opposite side of a magnet, involuntarily attracted to every inch of her down to her toes. I just can’t help myself, I find myself lusting after her like she’s not even mine. Like I haven’t spent the last year and a half of my life in her wonderful company. That is what some people might call an obsession, but I call it devotion. Devoted to loving her, I pour myself into her as she does me. We have a mutual understanding that relationships just don’t work because you’re together; they work because we put the time and effort into each other TOGETHER. And from that comes my sexual and sensual attraction to this beautiful black woman. 

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Look at this fabulous bitch here.
Look at that eyeliner.
Look at those lashes.
Look at that smile.

I’d soooooo smash her…her evil was sexy

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Ahhh….first day of classes.

Feeling pretty productive. 

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